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ALD company specializes in the development, production and sales of precision low-power linear integrated circuits, which are used in industrial control, electronic instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, medical instruments, automobiles, remote communication systems and other fields. In 1985, the company began to use new CMOS technology to provide standard products and customized solutions for linear engineers. Products include: EPAD, MOSFET, rail to rail operational amplifier, epadop amplifier, dual slope a / D front-end converter, voltage comparator, analog switch, timer, pair transistor, etc. Most IC products can adapt to + 3V, + 5V, ± 2.5V or ± 5V electronic systems. Packaging forms include plastic packaging, PDIP, SOIC, cdip, etc., and customized product packaging services are also provided. The products are divided into commercial, industrial and military three grades. Some products can work at temperatures up to 200 ℃.